In 2002 Blair started Gordon Alvarado, a real estate development company.   The company's mission was to buy unique properties in resort areas of The Hamptons and Florida, renovate and completely furnish the homes which he called "people ready".   From the onset, his unique approach and philosophy to buying, selling and design, attracted the attention of press and clients alike.  In 2005, The New York Times did a feature story on his company called "Flipping with a Twist".  The exposure forced him to launch Blair Gordon Design.  The company is designed to do for others what he does for himself -- create beautiful, timeless spaces


Since the launch, Blair Gordon Design has established clients who include senior fashion and television executives, Wallstreeters, and families alike.


Blair Gordon Design is now based in Houston, Texas and includes second designer, Emily Jackson. Though Texas based, Blair Gordon Design delights in the opportunity to work all over the country.